Dear clients!
Dear business partners!
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Due to current developments in connection with the virus COVID 19 and to protect our employees and their families, our physical office is closed from Monday 16 March 2020. From this date on, all our employees will carry out their work from their home. We make every effort to ensure that there is no impairment of ongoing operations. Our email service is not affected, and telephone calls will be redirected to voice mail, which can be accessed by all members of our Customer Service Team.

We are aware that our solutions are crucial for the success of our customers and that this primarily depends on the health of our employees. Following the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and the local authorities, we are taking further measures to reduce our exposure to infections and limit the potential infection or spread of COVID-19 by ComFin Software personnel. These measures include discontinuing all company travel. Personal customer meetings and events will be held remotely now and in the future if necessary.

We will continue to provide updates and information as this rapidly changing situation continues to evolve. Customers and partners are encouraged to receive more information about how ComFin Software is dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak by sending requests to

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support, and I would like to assure you personally that ComFin Software continues to be fully committed to your success.

History has shown that times of crisis have often been the periods of most interesting commercial and logistical innovations. Old habits are re-examined and patterns of behaviour are broken. ComFin Software has proved that COVID19-safe offsite implementation of Comcore CTRM is feasible via email, video conferencing, and remote access. Small and medium-sized enterprises who don’t want to be bothered with their IT infrastructure and maintenance can easily host Comcore CTRM in the cloud. Also just on time, ComFin Software has released a new Cashflow Simulator, offering multiple views of a company’s cash flow and liquidity under different scenarios.

Get in touch with us for further information on how to air-bag your business.

Wishing good health to you and those around you,

Gerald Neher
Managing Partner of ComFin Software