ComFin’s CTRM solution have been primarily developed to meet the actual requirements of clients active in global crude oil, refined products, petrochemicals, natural gas liquids, coal, metals, agricultural products (softs) and shipping markets worldwide.

With increasing volatility across commodity sectors, trading and risk management solutions allow our clients to minimise their exposure to turbulent markets.

ComFin’s CTRM solutions are utilised by oil traders, refiners, farmers, producers, metallurgists, miners and shipping firms to facilitate trading and manage risk in global markets.

Oil, Gas and Coal Trading

Extreme volatility in oil and natural gas markets is here to stay. ComFin’s CTRM solutions allow oil gas traders to efficiently manage the risks associated with modern energy markets. Our systems effortlessly handle the requirements of both physical and paper markets allowing traders and operators to free up time for critical decisions making. By reducing paper work and the need to maintain, update and re-check multiple spreadsheets our solutions allow traders to focus on the bottom line.