About us

ComFin Software has been providing trading and risk management solutions to customers in the commodity markets since 1997.

The company was originally founded as part of the PVM Group but became fully independent in 2005.

With more than two successful decades of progress and industry knowledge under its belt, ComFin is now recognised and trusted as a leading provider of cost-competitive fully functional commodity trading and risk management solutions worldwide.

We are a globally active 100% Austrian company headquartered in Vienna with customers worldwide.


PVM Data Services is a premium institution engaged in providing checked, unbiased and timely data for global energy industry. We explore and analyze changes in energy market to provide you quick and easy access to oil broker data on your desktop.


ZE offers clients a wide range of services, including software hosting, consulting, training, IT services, analytical and user support. ZE’s specialized teams of support professionals help clients use their resources more efficiently, gain a higher return on their investment, and prepare for future growth with a software solution that is highly adaptive and scalable.


Rayan Machine Pishgam Company (R.M.P.Co.) has been providing trading software for Procurement of oil, gas and petrochemical industries, since 1990. Its implementation is fully in line with the oil procurement regulations (MT, TT). This software has been installed and exploited in Arak, Razi, Maroon, Jam, Arvand, Laleh, Polypropylene-e-Jam, and Mobin petrochemical complexes along with several other companies.

Quadrifoglio has years of experience in representing commodity industry solution providers in Brazil.