Comcore is the next generation of CTRM Software platforms

The Comcore CTRM software system combines latest cutting-edge technology with over two decades of Commodity Trading and Risk Management application development. In Comcore CTRM customers find the most cost competitive, full-featured solution in the market.

With a complete package of front, middle and back office features, the Comcore CTRM system offers clients straight-through processing from trade capture to invoicing. Natively on-premise, the Comcore CTRM system is designed for flexibility. Use as a standalone solution or integrate with existing software infrastructure like SAP, Oracle or Navision. You can also connect Comcore directly to international futures exchanges to capture trades at the touch of a button.

Trade Capture (Front Office)

Comcore allows for quick and easy physical and paper deal entry.

Customised your trade capture screens to your requirement depending on your organisation’s required level of detail for accurate trade data.

Physical Trades. The Comcore CTRM system offers customers the ability to effortlessly capture and manage all key components of the physical trade. The system accurately captures trades by ship, pipeline, truck or rail. All standard deal data such as quality (default specs available), quantity, pricing (fixed and floating), incoterms, payment terms, loading and unloading dates can be easily recorded. Comcore has been designed to also facilitate more complex trades including co-loadings (multiple grades on one vessel), multiple loadings (loading or unloading at multiple destinations), quality escalators (contacted versus delivered) and trades with complex pricing formulas such as those based off multiple indices.

The Comcore CTRM system will painlessly record all your paper market transactions. The system supports Exchange and Over-the-Counter (OTC) traded instruments.  Futures, SWAPs, Options, Swaptions, EFPs and CFDs are all seamlessly captured, recorded and instantly available for monitoring.  Comcore also allows users to efficiently manage Exchange contracts through margin management, clearing advice, broker statements and other management reports. The system further captures broker and L/C fees for full cost management.

The Comcore CRTM system can directly interface with international futures exchanges such as the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group / Nymex).  These interfaces allow customers to capture paper trades with the push of a button, thereby eliminating the operational risks and time requirement associated with double deal entry.

Operations (Middle Office)

Comcore offers users a powerful functionality on operations, logistics and storage.

The system allows you to manage physical deals throughout the transaction lifecycle either on a single transaction, or or continuous transaction (refinery distribution) basis. Operators can schedule vessels, add voyages, track the movement of goods and manage key events using a variety of tools.

The system can be customised by the user to define specific logistical routes from point of sale to point of delivery. This allows the user to replicate real world scenarios adding parameters for additional time requirements or for additional costs. Comcore also allows user to analyse planned or schedule movements to improve overall supply chain performance. Operators can also directly capture all secondary costs such as freight, insurance, inspection and demurrage in the system improving profit and loss calculations and management reporting. An in-system scheduling tool ensures Operators are also up-to-date on key events.

Inventory management is of critical importance to CTRM industry.  Insufficient product in storage can create logistical problems and has the potential to disrupt normal operations and a firm’s ability to meet commercial obligations, while excessive inventory can overly expose a company to the negative impact of a downward move in prices. Unlike many of its competitors in the market the Comcore CTRM system features a powerful storage module that allows user to manage inventories. Users can define the type of storage facilities differentiating between onshore, floating, and blending facilities. User can plan all inventory build and draws based on future commercial activities. Comcore also facilities inventory hedging by allowing user to make mark-to-market valuation of storage based on real market prices. User can also predefine trigger levels for inventory hedging activities.

The Comcore CTRM system also allows user to capture freight cost directly in the system. User can choose between fixed or formula related pricing options. Address commission, overage and canal coats can also be added to ensure the full cost of freight is accurately recorded.

Unexpected vessel delays can have a significant negative impact on the profitability of a deal, while also adding substantial administration to transaction process. A backlog of demurrage claims can also distort profit and lost reporting. Comcore’s demurrage calculator allows users to proactively manage the demurrage process for effective claims management.

With Comcore Inspection, you can more efficiently identify loss claims, eliminate off-spec cargos, and strengthen inspection firm performance, giving your organisation the control and structure it requires.

Risk Management (Middle Office)

The Comcore CTRM system’s risk management functionality is built upon international best practices for managing risks associated with commodity trading.

The Comcore CTRM systems allows companies to monitor, report and properly manage market risk, credit risk, operational risk and legal risk in real time using the latest market data.

Manage Market Risk with Risk Map. Risk Map is the Comcore CTRM system’s solution to efficient management of price risk. With Risk Map, firms can quickly and painlessly view their combined physical and financial exposures, allowing for streamlined mark-to-market (MTM) valuations and accurate profit and loss (P&L) reporting. Risk Map makes analysis of the company’s ‘at risk’ positions effortless. Users can review exposures by portfolio, strategy, book, and by trader.  All exposures can be automatically updated using the latest market prices. This allows management to track the impact of market movement on its portfolio on a daily or even intra-day basis. Exposure reports can be easily modified to meet a firm’s internal reporting requirements.

Consistent with standard industry practice for commodity trading, Comcore employs Value-at-Risk (VaR) to measure a firm’s overall price risk of its portfolio of physical and derivatives trading positions. Value-at-Risk is defined as the amount of money, or value, that can be lost over a given time horizon with a given probability. Traditionally the measurement of VaR has often only been available to the largest of enterprises due to the thousands of complex calculations and manpower required. The Comcore CTRM system allows customers of any size to easily calculate exposures by VaR with its built in VaR calculator. Comcore’s Value-at-Risk (VaR) model combines thousands of risk factors to assess net exposure. Comcore can also uses Monte-Carlo simulations to predict P&L outcomes in multiple scenarios. VaR data can be augmented with stress tests and analysis that estimate P&L outcomes in extreme scenarios.

Comcore’s users can choose between VaR methodologies depending on their internal risk management and reporting requirements. Parametric VaR (also known as Variance/Covariance VaR), Historical VaR or the more advance Monte Carlo VaR are readily available.

Make trading decisions easier by integrating the latest real-time market data with Comcore’s Data Download Manager. The Data Download Manager delivers all of the latest market data from International Commodity Exchanges, Price Reporting Agencies and Commodity Brokers. Market Data is seamlessly integrated to allow for fast and efficient price and exposure reporting.

The Comcore CTRM system also allows users to perform analyses on the latest market movements directly in the system, using powerful analytical screens and graphs. Commodity trading and risk management desks will have access to all the tools they require.

The Comcore CTRM facilities best practice credit and counterparty risk management. Using the system customers can pre-define credit limits on a counterparty by counterparty basis.  The system allows users to quickly check a counterparty’s current credit utilisation to speed up contract negotiations. Potential Credit Limit breaches are automatically flagged.

The delegation of trading authority is essential to the proper functioning of any trading firm. The Comcore CTRM system allows users to establish and manage trading limits in line with company trade policy. Management can use the Comcore CTRM system to independently control and monitor trading limit utilisation.

Back Office

The Comcore CTRM system comes with a suite of back office tools that allows a company to manage financial operations.

Comcore’s Invoice Manager allows customers to directly generate invoices and account statements using the system. Users can easily customise invoice templates depending on their own internal specifications.

The Comcore CTRM Invoice Manager can also be connected to a company’s exiting ERP system or accounting software including SAP, Oracle, or Navision.

Comcore makes producing deal acknowledgements and confirmations effortless. The CTRM system can be programmed to automatically send confirmation to counterparties and management to avoid duplication of work.

Comcore’s Mail Agent app allows users to provide management, contracts administrators, as well as treasury and finance staff with automated updates of physical and derivative trades. Reports can be sent as snapshot or as PDF document. Users can be kept informed at all times on new trades or modifications even when travelling.

The Comcore CTRM software system meets industry and regulatory audit standards applicable for commodity trading and risk management.

Top Management

The Comcore CTRM system supports the top management with the right decvision-making and real-time monitoring in running the company.

Comcore provides top management with real-time data, analytics dashboards, and profitability reports, allowing them to make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.

User-friendliness is a crucial aspect of analytics dashboards. The user-friendly interface makes it easier for top management to navigate the dashboard, access key information quickly, and understand the insights presented. By emphasizing user-friendliness, the dashboards can become a more valuable tool for decision-making, as top management can more easily interpret and act upon the data presented.

By automating many manual processes, Comcore also increases efficiency, freeing up top management to focus on strategic initiatives and value-adding activities. Moreover, Comcore helps identify and mitigate risks more effectively, protecting organisations from financial losses and reputational damage.


We could see at first feel that Comcore would be capable of meeting our requirements with the possibility of adding further functionality along the way should our business models change. This gives us a lot of peace of mind. Also it feels really easy to use and it seamlessly brings together all our business processes. No more siloed approach for us.

AJAY KUMAR, IT Manager, Al-Ghurair Energy

We were looking for a trading system with full SAP integration that could as well handle best practices in trade administration and risk management while taking into account the unique nature of our way of trading. Eventually we selected TheBulldog, which became our prime trading system, and we are pleased with ComFin’s assistance, help and support

LAURENTIU PANA, Financial Risk Manager, KazmunayGas

We were looking for software with full SAP integration that could handle best practises in trade administration and risk management including the unique and complex Asian trading market. We selected TheBulldog, which became our prime trading system, and we are pleased with ComFin’s assistance, help and local support.

SURONG BULAKUL, Senior Executive Vice President, PTT Public Company Ltd.

We have always found ComFin Support and Consulting to be appreciative of the client’s concerns and being solution driven. It is our pleasure to work with them.

GIRISH CHHAPRU, Mid Office Manager, ENOC

ComFin has modified TheBulldog to suit our needs in a way that makes us look forward to continue our relationship with them.

LEONA GOH, Accounting, Torm
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Comcore – the next generation of commodity trading and risk management platforms.

The Comcore system combines the latest cutting edge technology with over two decades of CTRM application development to provide customers with the most cost competitive, full-featured solution in the market. In addition, our consulting experts will bring you up to speed on the best practices in all aspects of commodity trading and risk management.

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