The international market for CTRM (Commodity Trading and Risk Management) software systems that focus on catering to concentrates, metals and ores trading and risk management is the third largest among the primary commodity groups of energy, agriculture and soft commodities, and metals. What’s more, it’s also one of the most complex of these markets when it comes to functional requirements – especially in areas like ores and concentrates; you can also see complexity in the supply chain.

Aside from the usual challenges that relate to mining and metallurgy products – trade wars, embargoes, tariffs, sanctions, and the like – the COVID-19 pandemic has also had detrimental effects on demand and supply, as some mines halted operations due to infections within the workforce. The combination of all these challenges leads to increasingly smaller profit margins. So, many in the metals industry may be looking to reduce costs and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of all facets of their operations.

Metallurgic and mining companies that face both old and new business challenges may be relying on aging legacy software platforms that don’t have the capacity to support increased business agility. Often, older systems lack the vast majority of essential features that businesses need to operate efficiently in this day and age, such as complete audit trails or modern interfaces to 3rd party systems.

Given the volatility and rising costs of mining and metallurgical products, it’s important for miners, refiners, smelters, consumers and traders to have a system in place that comprehensively handles everything from mining and processing to the final product. That system is ComFin Software’s “Comcore” CTRM System. Comcore is a platform custom-built for primary and secondary raw materials, recycled goods, and refined products.

Regardless of whether you handle iron and ferroalloy metals, non-ferrous metals, precious metals, industrial materials, or coal, ComFin can custom-tailor our CTRM solution for you.

Our CTRM software solution integrates and automates the entire range of front office, middle office, back office, and top management functionalities. These functionalities include managing the whole lifecycle of a transaction, managing your risks in real-time using market data, automatically sending confirmation notifications to other parties and to management to maintain clear communication, and providing top management with the proper decision-making and real-time monitoring tools.

ComFin Software has been trusted as a global leader for affordable, comprehensive, and agile financial risk management software solutions for decades. We have helped companies across the globe from various industries – including mining and metals – to cut their exposure to volatile markets. We do this by arming them with the knowledge, resources, and administrative processes they need to excel at commodity trading.

Aside from our strong capacity to develop tailor-made solutions to address your specific business needs, we also provide:

  • Strong capability in developing tailor-made solutions that solve your specific business problems
  • Development and consulting services backed by renowned experts in the field
  • User-friendly, affordable services
  • Modular licensing – only buy what you really need
  • No outsourcing or call centres – serviced directly by the experts at the headquarters
  • Elimination of dependency by obtaining the system source code
  • User-specific language setting for the entire system