About us

ComFin Software has been providing commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) solutions to customers in the commodity markets since 1997.

The company was originally founded as part of the PVM Group but became fully independent in 2005. Initially focusing on oil & gas, ComFin Software now also offers its services for the coal, mining & metallurgy, and soft commodities industries.

With more than two successful decades of progress and industry knowledge under its belt, ComFin Software is recognised and trusted as a leading provider of cost-competitive, full-featured CTRM solutions worldwide.

We are a globally active 100% Austrian company headquartered in Vienna with customers worldwide. We work with specialised consulting and technology partners worldwide to offer our clients the best possible experience.

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ComFin’s Management Team

For more than two decades, ComFin’s highly qualified and experienced leaders have been inspiring customers as well as internal teams to take on business challenges and demonstrate success.

Gerald Neher
Gerald NeherManaging Partner
Gerald joined ComFin shortly after its foundation in 2005 as a Support Consultant. Ever since Gerald was heavily involved in several critical implementation projects, provided his assistance in business development and built up ComFin’s test department in 2009/2010 – all of which led to his promotion to MD in 2010 and ultimately to his acquisition of the company in 2018. This wealth of expertise has given him an enviable degree of knowledge on all aspects of commodity trading and risk management. Gerald holds a degree in Business and Engineering, which he earned in 2002.
Michael Thell
Michael ThellHead of Software Development
Michael’s contribution to the development of both TheBulldog and Comcore down through the years has been absolutely pivotal. Proactive, resourceful and most technically sound, his expertise and overall IT knowledge are second to none. He and the team he manages have been gaining the deepest insight on all aspects of the industry and are now the most competent and trustworthy partners to our customers. Michael joined ComFin way back in 2004. His main fields of expertise, amongst others, are SAP implementations and any old big implementation project for him to sink his teeth into.

Code of Conduct

At ComFin Software, compliance is not just a rulebook, it’s a cornerstone of our culture

We go beyond mere adherence to external regulations and cultivate a comprehensive internal compliance environment. This ensures not only ethical behaviour and responsible data handling, but also transparency and trust throughout the company. Here’s how we weave compliance into the fabric of our daily business:

Our Code of Conduct isn’t just a dusty document; it’s a living guide. We regularly train employees on its principles, including anti-corruption practices and data protection rules. Dedicated Privacy Officers and Champions within each department lead awareness initiatives to keep data security at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Accountability: Individual accountability is key to upholding our compliance standards. We equip employees with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions. Our compliance training programmes cover a wide range of topics, from anti-bribery and corruption to responsible data handling and fair market practices. This ensures that every employee understands their role in maintaining a culture of integrity.

Building Trust, Building Success: Strong internal compliance isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about building trust at all levels of the organisation. By empowering employees, fostering open communication and promoting individual accountability, we create a foundation for ethical behaviour and the responsible use of data. This in turn leads to long-term success, a stronger reputation and a workplace where everyone feels empowered to do the right thing.

Continuous improvement: We don’t believe in stagnation. Our Compliance Framework is a living document that is continually reviewed and updated to reflect evolving regulations and industry standards. This proactive approach ensures that we stay ahead of the curve and effectively mitigate potential risks.

Democratising communication: We believe in open communication and encourage employees to raise concerns through our confidential whistleblower programme. This programme operates without fear of retaliation, identifying and resolving potential compliance issues. In addition, regular compliance workshops and training provide a platform for open dialogue and discussion on evolving regulations and industry best practices.

Our Partners

We work with specialised consulting and technology partners globally who can help you manage and supplement your CTRM initiatives with their experience. ComFin Software’s highly qualified consultants can complete your projects all around the world in the areas of digitalisation, hedging strategies, operations, and many more.

PVM Data Services is a premium institution engaged in providing checked, unbiased and timely data for global energy industry. PVM Data Services explores and analyzes changes in energy market to provide you quick and easy access to oil broker data on your desktop.

For detailed information go to www.pvmdataservices.com

Established in 2002, PT Kejora Gasbumi Mandiri is Indonesia’s leading distributor of proven and exceptional independent software to the oil, gas, energy and mining industries, and consulting work based on those software products. Their customers include all the significant oil and gas producing companies in Indonesia.

For detailed information go to www.kejoragasbumi.com

J. Ganes Consulting provides research, consultancy and risk management solutions to soft commodity investment clients worldwide, as well as expert analysis to actors throughout the food and agricultural supply chain. Founded in 2001, J. Ganes Consulting is a New York-based company with an office in Panama.

Judy Ganes is a world-renowned commodities and futures analyst with deep experience providing services tailored to delivering reliable and timely information to help companies and investors manage price risk, and to grow and manage their business while making smarter trading and investing decisions.

In addition to her Exclusive Market Reports and advisory services to numerous corporations, organizations and investment groups, Judy Ganes contributes articles to industry news agencies such as Reuters and Bloomberg,  as well as commissioned studies. She also appears regularly at industry conferences and as an expert source in global media reports on the soft commodities industry.

For detailed information go to www.jganesconsulting.com

Weissman Consulting & Training provides comprehensive trading and risk management solutions that are tailored to your organization’s needs. They work closely with you to ensure that you’re given the right solutions for effectively training your staff and managing risk.

The team is led by Mr. Richard Weissman, one of the foremost authorities in various fields like technical analysis, risk management, and derivatives. For more than 30 years, he has been providing training and consultation services for hedge funds, investment banks, and different commodity traders (including most energy and agricultural businesses).

For detailed information go to www.weissmanconsulting.com

As a long-time networker and artist, Ms Traude Fritz is one of the most active personalities in the Austrian business and creative scene. Due to extensive and varied training and further education in the areas of organisation, media training, public relations, and trade, she offers a comprehensive range of services for organisation, public relations, implementation, application, and post-processing in various artistic areas. In addition, she sees herself as a hub in various commercial interests in the artistic field and act as a commercial agent as well as in the mediation of artists of various genres.

For detailed information go to www.traudefritz.com