Commodity Trading & Risk Management (CTRM) solutions

ComFin Software provides cost competitive, full-featured trade administration and risk management software applications (categorised as CTRM) to the global energy and commodity industries.

  • Are you managing your financial risks efficiently?
  • Do your reports come accurately and timely?
  • Are your spreadsheets in line with internal and external compliance regulations?

From the heart of Europe, ComFin Software offers Commodity Trading & Risk Management solutions with the highest quality standards. Our CTRM systems combine powerful functions as required in an increasingly complex trading environment. This includes transportation and distribution of physical commodities such as oil & gas, metals & mining, and agricultural goods, as well as hedging activities.

With Comcore CTRM, ComFin Software has created a software solution that is the first of its type, universally integrable, and customisable. We have gained a reputation as a technology pioneer in the field of CTRM software since our company first entered the market in 2005. We are a dependable partner for organisations of all sizes and across all commodity sectors who prioritise efficiency.

React in a timely manner. Intervene actively.

For businesses in all commodity sectors and of all sizes, early detection and response to potential financial and operational risks are essential to success. We offer you a tool to help you achieve just that with the Comcore CTRM system, making your job easy, quick, and effective. Take advantage of software that helps you to create a strong and successful risk management strategy. Leverage your current management as a crucial component of your processes and organisation. Specifically, in the direction of greater ease, quickness, cost effectiveness, and security for all users inside your firm.

Gain from CTRM solutions from ComFin Software.

The Comcore CTRM software delivers accurate and timely data that is fundamental for mitigating risks and seizing opportunities. Consequently, you also benefit from the following advantages:

  • Ease of use in managing risks
    The risk map enables you to visualise and handle risks conveniently. It constantly gives experts and managers in controlling, risk management, and strategic business planning a thorough perspective.
  • Automation of work processes
    Comcore CTRM automates and minimises manual work processes like monitoring, documentation, and reporting. In other words, tasks that, for instance, would take much longer to do using spreadsheets.
  • No intervention
    The Comcore CTRM system integration does not alter any existing processes; rather, it perfectly maps them. For instance, you may receive inspection results by email in spreadsheets, and import the data into Comcore directly from the email.
  • International standards for risk management
    The Comcore CTRM software is based on valid standards, meeting both national and international criteria.


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