Businesses that deal with oil & gas face a consistently growing number of hurdles to overcome in today’s uncertain and volatile markets. Unconventional sources such as shale oil, the re-emergence of the US as a primary exporter of crude oil, and many other factors add to the difficulties crude oil experts face each day. Aside from all of the above, oil prices are unstable and are experiencing more sudden spikes and dips as the international community deals with potential oil supply fluctuation.

Extreme volatility in the oil market is here to stay. With these rising costs and the volatility in the oil industry today, it’s essential for refiners, brokers, consumers and traders to have a reliable CTRM system that covers all processes of midstream and downstream.

Regardless of whether you’re working with feedstock, crude oil, heavy products (fuel oil, sulfur, asphalt, bunkering), light products (naphtha, jet fuel, LPG, mogas, kerosine, LNG), natural gas, or coal, Comcore is custom-built to provide the right solution for you. Regardless of your preferred mode of transportation, be it pipeline, vessel, truck, or rail, Comcore ensures your logistics run like a well-oiled machine.

For oil traders, ComFin Software’s CTRM software solutions allow you to manage the risks associated with today’s volatile market efficiently. Our systems effortlessly handle the requirements of both physical and paper markets; thus, traders and operators are able to free up time for more critical matters. By reducing the paperwork and time needed to maintain, update, and re-check many spreadsheets and legacy systems, our solutions let traders focus on their true north star: profitability.

ComFin Software’s CTRM system “Comcore” takes the guesswork out of refining with its advanced hedging and margin analysis tools, simplifying the often-complex process of margin and inventory hedging. Manage your storage facilities efficiently and optimize utilization with our integrated system. Streamline cargo scheduling within one consolidated platform, eliminating silos and inefficiencies that can derail your operations.

Since 2005, ComFin Software has been critically acclaimed as a global player for comprehensive and affordable agile financial risk management software solutions. Through our CTRM software solutions, we have enabled companies across the globe to cut their exposure to volatile markets. We have done so by arming them with the resources, knowledge, and administrative processes they need to succeed at effective and efficient commodity trading.

When you work with ComFin Software, you benefit from:

  • Strong capability in developing tailor-made solutions that solve your specific business problems
  • Development and consulting services backed by renowned experts in the field
  • User-friendly, affordable services, making powerful CTRM accessible to all
  • Modular licensing – only buy what you really need, ensuring cost-effectiveness and flexibility
  • No outsourcing or call centres – serviced directly by the experts at the headquarters
  • Elimination of dependency by obtaining the CTRM system source code
  • User-specific language setting for the entire system

Don’t let oil market volatility sink your business. Contact ComFin Software today and discover how our CTRM solutions can propel you towards a prosperous future. Remember, in the ever-changing oil market, Comcore is your reliable compass, navigating you towards calmer waters and brighter horizons.