CTRM Consulting

Let’s work together. We understand that our clients know their business better than anyone.

Because of this we consider our clients as partners when it comes to designing solutions that are specific to their way of doing business. Our CTRM Consulting services are interactive and backed by experts with decades of experience in the specific industry.

Our consultants will work with your team to map processes and design innovative solutions. With close to two decades of experience in developing applications for trading and risk management we are perfect choice of partner for any organisation looking to design a bespoke system.

Customisation. Many clients feel that an out-of-the-box solution does not meet the unique requirements of their organisation. ComFin Software’s CTRM solutions can be customised to meet the very specific requirements of your business. Built to be flexible, the Comcore CTRM system is highly adaptable and together with our experienced developers ComFin can deliver solutions that meet your precise business needs.

Interfaces. Our systems can be interfaced with commodity future exchanges in order to fully automate the trade capture process. The Comcore CTRM solution is already approved by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and the CME (Nymex).

Integration. ComFin’s CTRM solution can be seamlessly integrated with existing software infrastructure such as SAP, Oracle, or Navision. Our developers and consultants have extensive experience working with these systems and can help advise our clients on integration projects.

Risk Check is a review of your company’s risk management framework. Our expert trading and risk management consulting team will assess the current risk management policies, practices and processes within your organisations. The findings of the Risk Check will then be benchmarked against ‘best practices’ in risk management. The consultants will then provide recommendations on how practices could be modified in order to improve the risk function including how ComFin Software’s CTRM solutions could be used to help. The cost and time required for Risk Check depends upon the size of the organisation under review.