Commodity Trading & Risk Management (CTRM) solutions

ComFin Software provides cost competitive, full-featured trade administration and risk management software applications (categorised as CTRM) to the global energy and commodity industries.

  • Are you managing your financial risks efficiently?
  • Do your reports come accurately and on time?

  • Are your spreadsheets in line with internal and external compliance regulations?

From the heart of Europe, ComFin Software offers Commodity Trading & Risk Management solutions with the highest quality standards. Our CTRM systems combine powerful functions as required in an increasingly complex trading environment. This includes transportation and distribution of physical commodities such as oil & gas, metals & mining, and agricultural goods, as well as hedging activities.

With Comcore CTRM, ComFin Software has created a software solution that is the first of its kind, universally integrable and customisable. Since entering the market in 2005, we have established a reputation as a technology pioneer in the field of CTRM software. We are a trusted partner to organisations of all sizes and commodity sectors looking to improve efficiency and profitability.


Knowledge Series

About ComFin Software

ComFin Software’s trading and risk management solutions have been used by the global oil and gas sector since 1997. Over the years, ComFin Software has expanded to support the Mining & Metals as well as the Soft Commodities sectors. Originally established as part of the PVM Group, the company became fully independent in 2005.

With over two decades of advancement and industry knowledge under its belt, ComFin is recognised and trusted as a leading provider of cost-effective, full-featured CTRM solutions.



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