ComFin’s ETRM solution have been primarily developed to meet the requirements of clients active in global crude oil, refined product, petrochemical, natural gas liquids and shipping markets.

With increasing volatility across the upstream, downstream and midstream sectors, trading and risk management solutions allow our clients to minimize their exposure to turbulent markets.

ComFin’s ETRM solutions are utilised by oil traders, refiners, producers and shipping firms to facilitate trading and manage risk in global energy markets.

Energy Trading

Extreme volatility in oil and natural gas markets is here to stay. ComFin’s ETRM solutions allow oil gas traders to efficiently manage the risks associated with modern energy markets. Our systems effortlessly handles the requirements of both physical and paper markets allowing traders and operators to free up time for critical decisions making. By reducing paper work and the need to maintain, update and re-check multiple spreadsheets our solutions allow traders to focus on the bottom line.


With refining margins on a roller coaster ride in recent years the uncertainty in the market for refiners has increased dramatically. ComFin’s ETRM solutions can help refiners to bring more certainty to their business. Not only do our solutions make refining margin and inventory hedging simple, our solutions strong operational functionality allows refiners to manage storage, schedule cargos and pipeline outflows all in one system.


Growing demand for petrochemicals will continue to be a major source of global oil demand growth in the coming decade. New suppliers of petrochemical feedstocks and new cracking capacity are also changing traditional trade flows and business models. ComFin’s ETRM solutions allow Petrochemical companies to manage operations and risk associated with petrochemical markets.


With growing supply of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from Australia and the United States, LNG producers and consumers face changing market dynamics. The nascent but growing spot market for LNG presents opportunities but also threats for market participants. ComFin’s ETRM solutions can be easily modified to the needs of LNG marketers and traders.

LNG markets are the only ones facing change with strong growth of Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) from the Middle East and the United States trade in NGL has accelerated in recent years.


Just like the commodities and goods they deliver from port to port, global shipping markets are also exposed to increasing market volatility. Both freight rates and bunker fuel prices are subject to extreme market movements that need to be proactively managed to protect shippers. ComFin’s ETRM solutions allows ship-owners to manage vessel logistics and their exposure to both freight and bunker markets.

Non-Energy Commodities

While initially developed as an ETRM platform, ComFin’s software trading and risk solutions can be easily modified to suit any commodity trading requirement. If you would be interested in partnering with ComFin on development of a CRTM system please get in touch with by visit our Contact page.

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