ComFin Software, EU’s leading CTRM vendor with almost three decades of industry experience, announced that for the time of the COVID-19 crisis it is suspending the fees of its Risk Management module being part of its flagship solution “Comcore”. This is our contribution in helping panic-stricken trading companies with viewing their open positions, evaluating hedge efficiency, calculating Value at Risk, and simulating various cashflow scenarios to understand the possible impact on their liquidity.

ComFin Software has been fast to react to the current crisis and has again demonstrated that the entire team continues to be there for their clients and partners even in difficult times. Pilot projects have proved that implementations can be performed 100% remotely with the option to host “Comcore” either in the cloud or on-premises.

Gerald Neher, Managing Partner of ComFin Software, says “maybe it’s just a mentality thing, but we want to help our customers in every possible way. Rather than abusing the situation and turning a blind eye with capitalistic mindsets, we want to be there for them in these challenging times. We understand that with the unprecedented crisis and volatility we’re experiencing, our clients see the absolute necessity to manage their operational risks completely and to have their activities supported by state-of-the-art technologies. So, we simply do our best in getting them on track.”

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