The Vendor Perception Study conducted by CTRM Center is already out. ComFin is recognised as a leading provider of CTRM Software in all major categories. Specifically, influencers perceive ComFin as number 4 in Overall Market Leadership after ION and SAP, and number 3 in CommodityManagement after OLF and SAP. This highlights that for companies where budget plays a role ComFin would be the best choice.

This survey also confirms the path we chose to further improve our solutions’ quality and expand its range. For our business understanding, it goes without mentioning that we place the highest standards in our products and services, thus offering our customers an exceptional user experience. This present study challenges ComFin to keep progressing further in order to be ranked even higher in the next survey, and eventually reach the first rank.

We, therefore, want to thank our customers and influencers for their long-term trust and continued great cooperation.