Happy New Year 2023, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

The Chinese New Year festival is observed by many civilizations worldwide, not simply those of Chinese descent. Families join together for this celebration to give and receive presents, clean their houses, and welcome spring. The team at ComFin Software wish you and your family a happy, peaceful, and prosperous Rabbit Year 2023! 

Here’s What Commodity Traders Can Expect This Lunar Year

As the year begins, markets will try to get a feel for the demand impact from slowing worldwide growth. Many signs point to the fact that several vital economies will enter a recession; however, it’s still unclear how severe the recession will be.

The factors mentioned – along with the current state of the Chinese market – suggest that demand will continue to control commodity prices throughout the first half of 2023.

Although demand risks are in control for the time being, you can’t overlook supply risks. Supply risk seems to be growing in 2023, especially when it comes to energy.

For more specific predictions – for those who’d like to take into account Chinese zodiac predictions – 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit. The elements associated with this year are metal and water. This means that the marine and metal industries are predicted to have large returns for investors.

Regardless of whether current trends hold stable or markets turn around and defy predictions, it’s crucial to be able to mitigate risks and seize opportunities. You can do so with Comcore.

Our Comcore CTRM solution delivers timely and accurate data, helps you manage risks, and allows you to automate processes.

A couple of the features of Comcore include:

  • Ease of Use in Managing Risks. Our CTRM provides a risk map that helps you visualize risks.
  • Automation of Work Processes. Our software also allows you to automate work processes like documenting, monitoring, and reporting.

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