Mrs. Boobpha Amornkiatkajorn (SEVP, PTT Public Company Limited) , MR. Montri Sanghirun (President, PTT ICT Solutions Company Limited) and Mr. Gerald Neher (Managing Director, ComFin Software GmbH) recently established a CTRM Project Signing Ceremony for PTT’s In-House Software development program by selecting ComFin’s COMCORE CTRM system as its base software to substitute the current Trading Control System (TCS) TheBulldog (also from ComFin) in order to support PTT’s increasingly high growth of trading which has become incrementally complex. On top of that, it was very essential for PTT to enhance the capabilities of their trading and risk control system to strengthen the vision of PTT’s international trading business unit to be Premier Multinational Trading House in the near future. In the end PTT sensibly opted to further strengthen its ties with their long-time business partner ComFin Software by procuring the source code of their Comcore System. This will allow both companies to jointly develop new modules and at the same time put increased effort in quality assurance.

“After all”, proudly says Mr Neher, “PTT and ComFin go back a long while. It’s been over ten years working together and we’ve always had an excellent, long-lasting, mutually-beneficial partnership so it feels like a logical step that PTT have finally opted to switch to our newest technology and therefore to strengthen their ties with us. This new common project brings our partnership to a whole new level and we are very proud of it”.

“ComFin have been incredibly supportive over the last ten years”, stated Mrs. Boobpha Amornkiatkajorn, “and in the end we are really happy that we have made the well-balanced decision of sticking with ComFin”.

The contract was inked just recently and ComFin’s staff are spending time in Bangkok so as to ensure Training and Implementation are going as scheduled and as smoothly as possible