Meet ComFin Software at the Rio Oil & Gas 2022, taking place from 26 to 29 September!

This year’s show is a great opportunity to introduce our most advanced data and financial risk management solutions to the Brazilian market. Firms engaged in refining, purchasing, or selling of petrochemical products or gas are looking to take control of their data.

In light of unprecedented uncertainties, rising volatility, supply chain issues, and other difficulties, our clients consider it even more crucial to maintain their data in order. Companies must employ the proper tools for compliance, financial risk management, and across-the-board reporting.

The Rio Oil & Gas 2022 conference will feature a variety of discussions, presentations, and sessions with the constant goal of fostering learning and growing your network.

Visit ComFin at Rio Oil & Gas Show’s Austrian pavilion on the 2nd floor of the Kobra Warehouse to learn more about ways of mastering the present challenges!

We will hold live demos of our Comcore CTRM system throughout the day.