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The Return of Coal Trading

Return of Coal Trading and its Risks Coal is one of the oldest and most prominent sources of energy on the earth’s surface. Coal trading can be traced back as early as the Roman and Aztec Empire. With the industrial revolution and invention of the steam engine, coal became widely used for electricity due to [...]

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The Evolution of Commodity Trading

Commodity Trading: An Evolution Commodity trading has come a long way since its earliest origins. The trading of goods has been around for centuries, but it wasn't until the advent of modern transportation and communication that commodity trading as we know it today emerged. Commodity trading is crucial for everyone as it affects our daily [...]

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The Copper Dilemma – High volatility in Copper Trading

Copper Trading and the Economic Outlook Copper is one of the most widely used metals in the world since the discovery of electricity by Benjamin Franklin in 1752. The metal, also known as Dr. Copper, has widespread applications in various industries such as electrical products, building industry, transportation, and many more. Many market analysts regard [...]

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Financing the Oil Trade during Pandemic and War

The Oil Industry has come under tremendous pressure in recent years due to various global crises such as the Pandemic and Russia-Ukraine War. Both of these events had a contrasting impact on the Oil Trade. Moving further, we will explore the impact of war and pandemic on oil prices and trading. You can also download [...]

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How to Tackle Price Risk in the Grain Market

How to Tackle Price Risk in the Grain Market Introduction The grain market is susceptible to numerous variables that can cause significant fluctuations in grain prices, such as weather conditions, supply and demand, trade policies, and geopolitical events. These unpredictable factors pose a significant risk to producers, traders, and processors. To protect their profitability, effective [...]

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ComFin talking about Trends in Commodity Trading

ComFin Software has recently participated in a series of interviews conducted by Dr. Markus Hummel, MBA, Managing Director of Oxford Energy. As part of Oxford Energy’s consulting work, Dr. Hummel has been doing some research on the main challenges mid-tier E-CTRM vendors are facing nowadays in light of all the changes currently taking place. Mr Gerald [...]

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